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Tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was so traumatic, dramatic, shocking and over the top I ate my left hand while watching. I shoved it in my mouth bit by bit. I ate the whole thing. Now if we could just get Dorito to do the same with her foot, this episode won't have been for naught.

Everyone shows up to the airport dressed for the Oscars. Everyone except for Erika who's wearing sweats. She looks out of place until they mention that the flight is 15 hours long. FIFTEEN HOURS. This show should be called Dumb Bitches Who Hang Out With Erika Girardi.


After last week’s tiny desserts in the back yard with Carnie Wilson, I didn’t know what would happen. How could we go on? I was pretty sure we’d tune in to see Eden hugging a tiny cheesecake next to Lisa Rinna munching on her feet with Kim running around in the background setting big white mansions on fire for 50 minutes.