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After last week’s barn burner of an episode, we’re back to the business of moving the pieces across the board to set up for the last act, but I’m not mad. This hour was more of a slow burn similar to episodes from earlier seasons, back to politics, side-taking, and strategizing. We saw less fire breathing and more of people standing around talking while wearing fur-lined coats (I’m digging the winter trends in Westeros btw and would love to know where I can find Sansa’s wardrobe off the rack, though sadly I don’t have any upcoming house showdowns I could wear them to).


Get ready to be beaten over the head with “fire and ice” metaphors, because this week on Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow finally meet! The episode begins with Jon and Davos arriving in Dragonstone, where they are greeted by Tyrion and Missandei. “This place has changed,” Davos comments, possibly remembering the good ol’ days when times were simpler and Stannis burned heretics on the beach.