Our thumbs are basically numb from texting back and forth 24/7 about everything we love (AND HATE) that's happening on our televisions, iPads, and eye glasses (hi, we think we're funny) and we thought WHY NOT SHARE THIS JOY WITH THE WORLD?!  



Whew, GIRL. These days I never know what to expect with this show. The best thing I can say lately is it pairs well with my jammies and a tub of ice cream. The highlights from last week’s episode get me stirred up and my eyes are ready to pop out of my head. I didn’t think Cucu’s Kim K was all that bad last week, but then the replay shows me I need to visit the eye doctor. Oh, Dios Mio. This whole season is a hot mess. I mean, it is, right?

What on Earth are we going to do without Eureka!? Trinity is the only person who benefited from Eureka leaving. Now that her nemesis is gone she might start to sound like a human being. Say what you want, Eureka brought us the funny. Now what we gonna do? These girls are a lot of things but FUNNY is not necessarily one of them. We quickly get an answer from Alexis who says, “It’s time to cut the fat … Nina for being negative, Farah for not being able to stick out from the bunch, and Cucu for not being able to be anything but Cucu."

I don’t disagree, and now I’m sorry for making fun of her super shiny bald spot. Finally. Is this bitch gonna stand up and show us something now? Please. Girl. MAKE IT HAPPEN. We need a leader. ENTERTAIN ME. I need it. Something. Anything.

Just when you think all hope might be lost Ru comes in and tells us it’s time for SNATCH GAME. This makes Peppermint confess she’s a little nervous because impersonations aren’t something she does.

Oops. One moment please. I just threw my wine glass at my TV.

How many times am I going to ask this question this season? Do these people watch this show before they’re cast? Surely you have seen the show. You KNOW you’re going to have to kill an impersonation in Snatch Game. THAT IS … if you’re lucky enough to make it that far. So. You better come correct, sister. What were you working on before filming started? It certainly wasn't your wardrobe. Come on now.

Ru tours the work room as the girls put their Snatch Game looks together. He stops to chat with Nina. Her attitude is definitely up from last week. You’ll be happy to know she FINALLY washed that one tear off of her face. WHY WHY WHY DID SHE LEAVE THAT ON HER FACE DURING CRITIQUES. Talk about drama.

Nina is doing Jasmine Masters for the game.  Huh? Is this something I’m supposed to remember? I for real had to pause the show to Google this person. I’m glad they all think it’s funny to do past contestants but like … naw girl. I can barely remember my husband’s name, how am I supposed to recall some crazy cast off from last season (or whenevs). You know I love this show more than cheese, but this choice feels boring to me. Can’t you do an actual star? I think that, but then her voice for the character is so hilarious I don’t care that I don’t know who it is.

Sasha has all the pieces to do Marlena Ditrich. This sounds amazing to me especially after she says her second choice is Judith Butler.  Apparently Judith Butler is a feminist philosopher? Ru has her do an impersonation of Judith Butler, so he can help her pick the better choice. All I’m gonna say is … CRICKETS.

Alexis is doing Liza, because OF COURSE SHE IS.

Cucu says she’s going to do Sopfia Vergara. This sounds perfect, except she does a bit of her impersonation and Ru stops her by saying, “OK, but when are you going to do Sofia?”  Whew, lord. When Ru burns you, then you know you’ve got a big fat poo poo on your hands.

As Ru leaves the work room he announces that the run way will be "Night of 1,ooo Madonnas (PART TWO)." Oh, lord. Remember when they did this last time and SO MANY of the girls came out in a kimono? Ru reminds them of that disaster by offering a word of advice, “#KimonoNoSheBetterDont.” I mean I guess, Ru, but are you really going to ask this unreliable season of queens to come through for that challenge? I mean. REALLY?

And then … SNATCH GAME.

Trinity does Amanda Lepore. I guess it’s funny? The look is spot on if nothing else. Trinity's face is crazy, which works for the character here. Are we never going to talk about her face, the everyday one? I AM MAKING GIANT EYES AT YOU RIGHT NOW.

Sasha does Marlene Dietrich. This is so weird it’s funny. The accent and makeup are good and she has Ru laughing so score! Sasha is bringing it, she might be low on PERSONALITY ... but I like her more and more every episode.

Aja comes as Alyssa Edwards. Ugh. Aiight. The impersonation is sorta on, but who cares. Alyssa is one of my all time faves but couldn’t anyone do a half assed impersonation of Alyssa? Does that take any work? NOPE. Aja. Remember when we were told this is a person we were supposed to be in awe of?

Nina is Jasmine Masters. This is super funny. I’m not super into alumni as contestants on Snatch Game but the impersonation is so funny I don’t care. Nina might have just crawled her way out of the bottom of the barrel. She's real dramatic and sad and whatnot, but she's one of my faves.

Farrah is Gigi Gorgeous. I'm sorry. Who is this person? I don’t get it and clearly neither does anyone else. It looks like Fara Moan in a sweat suit. Terrible. You better get out that luggage, sweetheart.

Alexis is Liza. It's pretty great impersonation AND funny. Love everything about it. Now if we could just get her a merkin for the back of her head.

Peppermint is Nene. She sorta looks like Nene? But she’s nervous and it’s weird. She talks too much and does not do the fast and quick one liners that Nene is known for doing. I keep waiting for Pepper to show us that she's really got something. STILL. WAITING.

Valentina comes as Miss Columbia. It's super hilarious. She gets scared of RuPaul and thinks he’s Steve Harvey. Can we give this girl the trophy yet? My favorite queen so far. These edits make her look dumb, but she's actually smart and she's MURDERING the competition.

Shea does Naomi Campbell. The attitude is right for sure. It's a pretty good impersonation. I think this one goes unnoticed because there are other who are FAR WORSE. I always love a Chicago queen.

Cucu is Sofia Vergara. She rambles on when asked a question. It’s time for this girl to go homo. I can't anymore. I can't. I CANNOT.

There are a couple funny moments. We have certainly seen better, but it isn't a total bust. This challenge really does help the stars stand out. It reminds us what RuPaul’s Drag Race is all about. AHEM. Charisma. Uniqueness. Nerve. AND. Talent. You could have loved or hated this season’s Snatch Game, but I think this challenge really highlighted who our stars are this season. I’m going to be a good girl and let you decide for yourself which of our ladies that is. It’s pretty obvious though, don’t you think? Some of these kids better start packing.

The girls are getting ready for the runway, so you know it’s time for Rupaul’s After School Special. Trinity starts off this week’s session by talking about how she likes a big separation between her drag persona and her self. This is not because he’s ashamed of her femininity, since she’s obviously a feminine guy. She just likes the space between the two. There is talk about society’s obsession with gender and labeling.

They all agree that times are changing, gender is fluid, and labels matter less. Peppermint takes this opportunity to come out as trans to the group. Peppermint tells us in a confessional that there are a lot of people who think that drag queens are not trans and shouldn’t be and there are also a lot of trans people who feel that drag queens have no place in the trans community. Drag was originally the way she expressed her femininity, but she kept wrestling with gender and it took her a while to sort it all out. Everyone in the work room is supportive, and she thanks them.


The runway is pretty good, if for no other reason than they slowed it down so we can actually see the girls. Peppermint and Shea have the same look, as do Trinity and Nina. Do they not really get ready together? How does something like this happen? I don’t get it, but whatever. It’s not as bad as the last time they did the Madonna challenge.

Alexis kills the runway with her Breathless Mahoney Madonna. Sasha also kills the runway with her Erotica Madonna it also ties back in to her snatch game look, which should be commended. I love both of these looks as well as Valentina who wears a black box over her boobs and vajayjay. It’s pretty rad, and is certainly original.

For a minute it feels like this week is going to be a repeat of last week since Farah and Cucu are in the bottom, but then Farah is safe. I think the only thing that kept her out of the bottom is her excellent Madonna at the Super Bowl gladiator look.

Peppermint and Cucu are in the bottom. Peppermint warns us in her confessional before the lip sync, “I’m about to do the thing that I know how to do the best, actually I’m worried for Cynthia.”

They lip sync to Madonna’s MUSIC. Peppermint lights it on fire. It’s seriously maybe one of the best lip syncs we’ve ever seen on drag race. There’s dancing, there’s variety. She kills. You forget that Cucu is even there, and she’s sent home. It was time. Old girl sure is charming, but you’ve gotta also have Uniqueness Nerve AND Talent. You gotta have the whole package. Who will be next to go? My money is on Farah. Poor little baby.

Oh lord. Next week is the acting challenge.