Our thumbs are basically numb from texting back and forth 24/7 about everything we love (AND HATE) that's happening on our televisions, iPads, and eye glasses (hi, we think we're funny) and we thought WHY NOT SHARE THIS JOY WITH THE WORLD?!  



OMG. We have been through so much this season. Sure, SURE these designers have grown and learned so much, BUT WHAT ABOUT US! I mean ... REMEMBER THE TWINS? LOL! Who knew we were strong enough to survive them! That feels like a lifetime ago. We got a Tim Gunn save, a bar made entirely of ice, a dress made of bungee cord, a needle to the hand, a bunch of children, and a giant band-aid on Tim's head! Pat yourself on the back this season has been a rough ride. Rough yes, but also ... MAYBE THE BEST.


The designers enter the work room and talk about where they are after the critiques we saw on part one of the finale. Everyone is anxious and freaking out a bit. Well, everyone except for Brandon who has decided to take a nap on the couch. You're real real cute B, but you might have some work to do. I MEAN YOU HAVE CLOTHES MADE OUT OF FLAMINGOS GIRL. Whatever, you can't even be mad about it. He's adorable and also FINEEE his clothes are cute.

Tim comes in to check-in with the designers and review the judges critiques.


Tim starts by telling The Divine Ms. Marg (Hiiii who's my favorite I DONT KNOW DO YOU KNOW?) he’s feeling for her as hurricane Maria comes to Puerto Rico. She admits she feels a little lost because her family is back in Puerto Rico and she’s in New York. Tim asks her how she feels after the judges' feedback and M says it felt like more of an attack than constructive criticism. She isn’t sure if she should go full on TROPICAL with her collection or pull it back a bit. Tim tells her to go all out, she doesn’t have time to do much to change what she has anyway. COMMIT, he says ... and I agree. YOU DO YOU GIRL!


Tim asks her how she's feeling and she says good. WHICH PS IS AMAZING SINCE TIM TOLD HER WHAT TO SHOW THE JUDGES AND SHE SPENT THAT WHOLE LAST EPISODE FLIP FLOPPING ON WHAT TO SHOW (she decided to go with Tim's choices in the end). She’s mostly concerned with how to make the head wraps look chic and not over the top or costumey.


Kenny (LOL I THINK IM FUNNY) says he knows his collection wasn't cohesive ... and that's clearly not what the judges want. He’s decides to spend the time he has making a new look and wants to work to bring everything more together. He seems a little stressed (LIKE USUAL), but he also seems to have a clear idea as to what to do and how to rework his original vision.


Our boy feels good about everything. He does edit the outfit that Liris wore since the judges hated it (come on dude it was a little messy). He's making a couple other small changes, but he probably has less to do than the other designers. At least that’s clearly how he feels.

As if the stress and drama of FASHION WEEK (yes all caps) wasn't enough ... Margarita calls her family to check in and tells them she’s going to Fashion Week. It’s super emotional. Hurricane Maria is just approaching and her parents don't have power. It's terrifying, because we know what's coming. Her parents have a flight scheduled to come to New York for the show and it isn’t cancelled at the moment. Fingers crossed. WHEW LORD.

The designers work to add finishing touches to their collections and have fittings. There's a lot going on and everyone is definitely feeling pressure ... but the energy and vibe is really good. All we keep saying at my house is ... OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH. I know I've said it before but they're all so good and have great attitudes, I'm happy for any of them to win. This finale feels so different from those in the past. It's positive and warm and I WANT THEM TO WIN! Also? I really love each of their collections. Usually there’s one that’s great and then a couple that are fine. I love each of them, I love each of their collections. I have no idea what's going to happen. This might be the best Project Runway finale … ever.

As the workroom reaches a fever pitch ... Tim has a gather round moment … and tells the designers how proud he is of them and what they’ve accomplished. NO IM NOT CRYING FOOL, DONT ASK.

We transition to New York Fashion week and the hubbub of back stage. Tim lets Margarita know her family is trying to get to New York, but they’ve had cancelled flights. They don’t know where they are now or what’s happening, but they’re hoping it’s just going to work out. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.24.25 PM.png

The judges come out on the runway before the show … with Jessica Alba. Yeah. Jessica Alba. We'll get to that in a sec. FIRST. Heidi is the most beautiful person ever to walk on planet Earth ... HELLO ... did someone say Super Model? Hiiiii I'm a fan. I mean dang. I love her so much I'm not going to bother taking an easy shot at this outfit she's wearing. She'd make a potato sack look runway worthy. Heidi makes a point to mention that Project Runway used plus sized models this season. AS IT SHOULD. She says it's because, "Fashion is for EVERYBODY," get it ... EVERY. BODY. ALSO. Zac is a snack. I would sop him up with a biscuit. He is fine, y'all. When are you gonna buy me his cookbook? (MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW ... 11/18 ... FACT ... so work it out). Nina. I love your pants. WHEW AND those BIG HOOPS. Annnnd ... just kidding I have nothing to say about Alba. She's got a lot of hair. Like ... Rapunzel A LOT. A LOT A LOT. I don't know why she's a judge on the finale. I guess Blake Shelton was busy.

Margarita kicks off the runway show. Her looks are bright and beautiful. You guys. I’m watching and crying. I’m such an idiot. It’s so fun and cool. She made so many of these patterns herself. It really blew me away. Margarita has what ends up being (maybe?) the best runway moment of the night. She has one of the plus sized models in a bathing suit and cover up ... as the model gets about half way through the runway she takes the skirt/cover-up off with a flourish. The model is plus sized so it feels bold (I KNOW ... ridiculous). It's beautiful and moving and the crowd goes CRAZY for it. There's a lot of drama in her collection and it's clear that she put a lot of time and work into making the patterns ... and the beading ... It's a really wonderful show!

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.27.39 PM.png

Brandon is next … it’s very Brandon. There are many more dresses and skirts than we’ve seen from him all season. The fabric is really stunning. It’s wild to think he took a flamingo fabric and made so many different color looks with it. Everything is made from the same fabric, but you can’t really tell unless you really look closely because of the bleaching/ombre/color magic he does. The fabric is stunning. Though … I don’t feel like there’s a real wow moment. The looks are great, but after a couple looks it all sorta runs together. Nothing is standing out since it's all basically the same color and feel ... it's almost TOO cohesive. BUT. It is cool AF.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.28.22 PM.png

Kentaro’s runway show is, as our BF Zac says, "unlike anything we've ever seen on this show." The looks are simple and gorgeous. He also has the music he composed (and played for Tim at the home visit) playing as the women work the runway. The music really sets the tone for his show and makes it feel emotional and SERIOUS. I feel like I'm watching ART (yeah girl all caps). The collection is wayyyyyyyyyy more cohesive than any of us were expecting, so he really worked his tail off and made the changes the judges requested. The show really does feel next level. It took my breath away. LOL I feel like such a nerd saying that ... but it's the truth. And ... as your gf Heidi says of the show in the critiques, "everyone was so moved, it was so quiet in there you could hear a mouse fart." SO GOOD.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.28.09 PM.png

Ayana’s looks are modest and in such a simple and modern way. The collection is gorgeous. I do think the color palette is too muted. It sorta reminds me of Brandon's collection in a way ... in that the color makes it all run together and become the same. There are more stand out style moments in her collection as compared to Brandon's ... but there's really not much variance. It's like Muslim Laura Ingalls Wilder (the nature prints) ... and the fabric feels more pajama-like than street wear (sorry! that's what silk makes me think). THOUGH. She does have what I think is the very best look of ALL of the collections we saw in the finale. Her final look ... a sort of modest wedding dress ... is incredible. It's shockingly good. It's like a painting come to life. It's the look in the pic below all the way over to the right. It's to die for. I wish I were wearing it right now. LOL! If nothing else this collection taught us all that modest fashion means something we didn't know ... that being modest doesn't mean you can't be hip and fashionable.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.27.22 PM.png

There's a little debate with the judges, but not much. My favorite moment is when they talk to Liris and we're all forced to deal with what a GIANT MF DEAL it was this season for the show to feature plus sized models. Liris cries, everyone feels emotional ... and WHERE IS TIM TO HUG US ALL AND MAKE IT BETTER?!

Margarita is cut first, which is super annoying to me because FOURTH PLACE? Nah dudes. She came so far, did such hard work ... those patterns, that beading! BUT ... it's fine because her parents are in the waiting room and knowing they're ok makes everything better. The next designer cut is Brandon. He's either totally shocked or so stressed and tired that he's RAW because he gets to the waiting room and cries. We haven't seen much emotion from him this season. When I say cry, girl, HE HOWLS. Like ... we're talking The Color Purple UGLY CRY.

So it's between Kentaro and Ayana ... Kentaro is announced as the winner. As he should be. His collection was stunning. His family shows up ... his mom is wearing a white kimono and his dad falls trying to jump up on the runway ... WHAT A DELIGHT.

This season was a real roller coaster! Funny, I ain't mad at those twins anymore. There's a reunion coming soon ... I don't know if I can watch that mess. I don't wanna go back down to negative town with those twins. LOLOLOL WHO AM I KIDDING. I'm gonna be right there sippin' tea and eating popcorn with the rest of you nerds. xoxo